Real Estate Agents Suffering From Hair Loss Over Market

Hair Loss an Issue Among Real Estate Agents

If you have had any experience in real estate then you know that the stress level of real estate is very high. More and more people are looking to buy and have a high demand of needs of what they want, but the budget isn’t up to par. Real Estate agents are literally losing their hair over trying to find ideal homes for clients in such a tough competitive market.

Stress leading to balding in men and women

Both male and female agents are starting to experience balding due to the fact that they are starting to get overly stressed out. This leads to bad habit in nutrition and the stress increases the chances of DHT in their system which is the number 1 proponent to male pattern baldness. The reward is high for agents when they are making sales and closing deals but when the times are hard they are stressing for some commissions.

Time To Invest In Hair Loss Treatments

A recent study has shown that more and more people who are looking for hair loss treatments, whether it be over the counter pills, minoxidil foams and creams or full on hair restoration are people in the real estate field. They are right up there among Dr’s and Lawyers who are often looking for a hair solution.