How A Real Estate Agent Fought Androgenic Alopecia

Fighting Androgenic Alopecia

After years and years being in the real estate business, Travis had a lot of success and a lot of struggles. Over the past 8 years his real estate business wasn’t doing very well and he also had a lot of other issues going on that led to a lot of stress. He began to notice that his hair was thinning and as time went on it started to get more and more noticeable. He at first thought that maybe it was an allergic reaction to something so he started to monitor certain things that he ate during that period to see if he can figure out what was the cause and if could reverse his male pattern baldness.

Once he realized that it was getting worse he decided to look into hair loss treatments that can help reverse thinning hair and regrow it back to it’s natural state. He started looking into different hair loss medications such as propecia, rogaine, provillus etc, trying to figure out which one would be help him in his situation. He eventually ended up finding this program that involved a complete change in diet that help reverse the effects of DHT to not only prevent hair loss but reverse the process in total. He figured that if he wanted his hair to grow back he would have to find something and stick to it for a while to see if it really works. His mindset was he had nothing to lose, except for more hair if he didn’t do something about it fast.

Most people would ask what this has to do with real estate and how it’s so important to Travis. Well, like most people when you loose your hair you start to loose confidence in yourself and this effects everything that you do. He often felt that his lack of confidence was effecting his ability to close sales and people would look at his thinning hair and would often go with another agent when it came to selling homes. As ridiculous as this sounds this is a very common mindset for people who are suffering from low self esteem and for men ( and women) hair loss is one of those things that just tears the confidence right out of your chest.

After sticking to this natural diet he started to notice his hair was slowly getting thicker again and his confidence started to grow. He finally found something that was in his opinion the best treatment for androgenic alopecia and he just took off with this new diet and continued to stick to the regimen. As far as using any topical hair loss treatments he just used regular basic shampoo that had natural ingredients like biotin and vitamin B to help revitalize his new growth of hair. Travis, also said that as his confidence started to increase again he was a different agent than he was a few months ago and his business starting to take off again. It’s amazing what the confidence of having your hair grow back can really do for a person.