Finding the perfect real estate agent

Finding the perfect real estate agent

Finding the perfect real estate agent

Whether you are buying or selling a house, finding a real estate agent to represent you is important, this is because dealing with real estate in the field is tiring and requires patience and time and perhaps a budget of money, so don’t forget that a loan may be available.

Where to find real estate agents

Real estate agents can be found online, on signs, on agency advertisements, email advertisements and through referrals, but, how do we know we are picking the right person to buy or sell our home?

How to know if they’re good

Talk with the agent’s past clients. Speaking to their past clients will give you an idea of how good they are at their jobs and their relationships with the clients. Ask their agency or the agent to provide you with a list of people they have worked with recently. Ask the client information on the asking price and the sale prices, the kind of property they were selling and location. If you are looking to sell your home, inquire as to how long the property was in the market. A good agent sells a home for the price it’s worth without leaving it in the market for too long.

Check whether your real estate agent is qualified for the job. Ask to see their license and disciplinary actions. Confirm their license online with your states regulatory body to make sure their licence is legitimate. Look whether the agent you are considering has and complains and disciplinary actions. If they have complaints, investigate to see the depth of the matter. You want to work with a licensed agent who has a clean record. Company and peer given awards can come as a bonus

Find out how experienced the agent you are hiring is. An agent can have good credentials and a perfect disciplinary report, but they may not know the ups and downs of home selling and buying and may lack the much-needed connections for the process. If they haven’t been in the business for too long, they are learning with you and that might be a problem. You can learn about their experience from their licensing agency. You want to work with an active and experienced agent to make decisions about your home.

What to look out for

Look out for their current listings online and with their agencies.  You can find them on the agency’s website. Compare their listings to yours to see if they have any similarity. Look for the price of the houses, location and number of listing. Usually, a high number of listings indicate they are good at what they do and own a healthy business. Don’t go with an agent that has too many listings. As it means they have too many clients to work with and you might not get the attention you need.

Find an agent who is well established with your area. A good agent should know about the property in your area, or the area you want to purchase a home from and how much they are worth. An agent familiar with the property can give you details, and has had offers or listing in that area.

Be aware of prices and the help of a simple loan

Depending on the location of a property, the price could increase or decrease. If the area is in high demand the prices will be higher as people will be willing to pay them. Please be aware that you should not be putting yourself into a difficult financial situation when buying or selling, although, If the property is slightly over your budget, why not consider a loan? It might be your best option! Visit Simple Personal Loans when applying for a loan, the lender offers small and large amounts to give you the amount you need when borrowing your loan.


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